Sublingual Spray Click – Tyson 2.0


2:1 THC: CBD + L-Theanine + TropiCali Flavor CLICK’S CHILL formulation is exactly what you want when reading a book at the pool or just dealing with the stresses of the day. We only use the highest grade of CBD and THC cannabinoids, combined the antioxidant and immunity boosting properties of all-natural pineapple extract and the probiotic powerhouse effects of mango. And we added the Vitamin B & C rich properties of passionfruit to give you a whole-lotta-relax in a super small dose. Oh and we added L-Theanine for heart and brain health.

Smart huh! Take a break and catch some rays! 1:5 THC: CBD + Boswellia + Lemon Ginger Grass Flavor CLICK’S RESTORE formulation is custom built for those who want to restore their body after a workout, trail run, spin class or even a crazy cross town commute. Using the highest grade of CBD and THC – we took the revitalizing citrus properties of all-natural lemon extract and combined it with the calming and soothing properties of Ginergrass to give your body that break it needs after a long day.

We also included some Baswallia to help reduce painful joint-inflammation and aid in recovery! Bring it on leg day! THC (no CBD) + Green Tea Extract + Pep-A-Mint Flavor CLICK’S GO formulation is perfect for people who want the active and energy-enhanced effects that cannabis provides. We started with the highest grade of THC cannabinoids we could find then added our uplifting icy-cool peppermint and all-natural Green Tea extract. Go will give you that “wake up and go!” feeling to start your day or KO that afternoon slump! Let’s do this!


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