FF – Lemon Blizzard – 0.5g Live Resin Cartridge


Cartridge: Euphoric – Grape fruit

Indica: Lemon Relaxed – Sleepy

FF – Lemon Blizzard – 0.5g Live Resin Cartridge

Ever wondered what it would be like inside a lemon flavored blizzard? We got you! This powerful Indica combines refreshing citrus notes with a powerful punch of relaxation and euphoria.

About Friendly Live Resin Carts: Friendly California live resin cartridges are crafted from freshly harvested; flash frozen cannabis flower grown by industry leading cultivators to preserve the essence of the “living” plant. We NEVER filter or use additives in our oil because we believe in the most natural representation of each strain’s unique flavors and effects. That’s the TRU Spectrum™ difference.

Recommended Hardware: Connect to any 510 thread battery heated at no more than 3v to enjoy without burning the oil. We invite you to experience why Friendly California is the favorite of cannabis connoisseurs across California.


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