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Tincture of cannabis, sometimes known as green dragon, is an alcoholic cannabis concentrate. The solubility of THC in ethanol is greater than 1 g/mL. Cannabis tinctures are used in the production of specific extracts, like nabiximols.

They’re easy to produce and have a long shelf life, making them a convenient option for cannabis consumption, particularly for people who aren’t interested in smoking.

Edibles and tinctures are both ingested orally, which means they travel through the body and pass through the liver before reaching the bloodstream, causing a delayed onset of effects, usually about 30 minutes to an hour. But if you place a tincture under the tongue, it will bypass the liver and be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

We provides several orally consumable cannabis products for a smoke-free delivery experience, including Tinctures and Sprays, RSO, Capsules and Distillates. To best suit the needs of Florida’s patients, oral products are available in a variety of THC, CBD and THC/CBD formulations.