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Pre-filled Carts Also called hash oil vape pens, disposable wax pens, preloaded cannabis oil vape cartridges, pre-filled cartridges are yet another form of consuming cannabis. Pre-filled cartridges are just like vape pens, only this time, after use, you only dispose of the top part of the vape.
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THC vape juice is a liquid cannabis concentrate that is made by extracting the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from fresh cannabis flowers using CO2 or alcohol extraction, in other words, what we also call THC oil for vape pens. The end product is a highly concentrated and potent liquid that can be attached to a vaporizer pen and smoked just like if you were using a dry herb vaporizer.
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Smoke n' Chill / FAQ

Terpenes are naturally-occurring compounds found in the trichomes of female cannabis plants. Trichomes are sticky, translucent glands that cover the surface of buds, and in much smaller amounts, on leaves and stems. Critically, trichomes contain resin glands that produce terpenes.

Terpenes play an integral role in a cannabis plant’s growth and survival. Besides producing distinctive aromas, these organic compounds also enrich color and pigmentation in leaves and buds, and contribute to the flavor of cannabis. In short, terpenes help to enhance the plant’s attractiveness to some creatures, while deterring others that can do harm.

However, the effects of terpenes appear to extend beyond feel-good benefits and stress relief. Terpenes have also been identified as a new frontier in cannabis medicine. Until recently, the spotlight has been focused almost exclusively on the therapeutic qualities of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, but as our understanding of terpenes grows more sophisticated, it’s becoming apparent that these aromatic compounds are medicinal powerhouses too. 

All terpenes boast unique combinations of therapeutic properties. Unsurprisingly, some of the effects terpenes have on humans are evocative of their function in cannabis and other plants—like helping to fight off unwelcome microbes and pathogens. 


A live resin extract vape cartridge isn’t as potent as a distillate cartridge — the THC percentage of resin usually hovers somewhere around 45 or 50 percent, while distillate can weigh in at 85 or 90 percent THC — but, because of the entourage effect, choosing weed based on THC levels doesn’t necessarily make sense.

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Marijuana cookies are a great THC delivery alternative for people who do not wish to smoke marijuana. Consuming marijuana cookies can also produce a more intense, longer-lasting high than smoking it. If you want to make a batch of marijuana cookies, then you will first need to create some cannabutter, or cannabis infused butter. Then, you can either replace the butter in your favorite cookie recipe with cannabutter, or you can try making a basic chocolate chip cannabis cookie recipe.

Yes, If your a vape pen or oil reseller looking to buy in bulk in order to receive certain royalties and custom packaging simply contact us.

A THC cartridge is a pre-filled, disposable container filled with your favorite strain of THC oil. Once the oil in the THC cartridge reaches a certain temperature, it vaporizes.

While there use for tobacco may be legal, New Jersey still treats it as a crime when individuals use vape pens or e-cigs to inhale THC Oils. When used in there traditional fashion, these devices are legal under New Jersey law. This is because New Jersey still treats THC Oil as a Controlled Dangerous Substance.
Made from CO2-extracted full-spectrum hemp oil, Koi’s Delta-8 THC carts are some of the purest on the market. They’re also free from artificial fillers or additives, so you can be sure you’re getting a natural product.

CBD oil has been studied for its potential role in easing the symptoms of many common health conditions, including anxiety and neurological disorders. Plus, it may benefit heart health and help relieve certain types of pain.


Best cbd vape juice for sale. Our oils contain all the essential benefits of our CBD products with a delicious line of flavors made specifically for your E-Cigarette Vape Devices. Our vape oils are made from the purest.

Tincture of cannabis, sometimes known as green dragon, is an alcoholic cannabis concentrate. The solubility of THC in ethanol is greater than 1 g/mL. Cannabis tinctures are used in the production of specific extracts, like nabiximols.

They’re easy to produce and have a long shelf life, making them a convenient option for cannabis consumption, particularly for people who aren’t interested in smoking.

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